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  • 5 day retreat, Korčula, Croatia
  • 5 day retreat, Korčula, Croatia
  • 5 day retreat, Korčula, Croatia
  • 5 day retreat, Korčula, Croatia

5 day retreat, Korčula, Croatia

kr 12 000,00Price

BUY NOW  (we use NOK as currency in our webshop. Click here to see conversion to EUR) Registration deadline October 1st. We also offer partial payments. Contact us to receive your invoices.

You book accomodation, flights and food in addition. We recommend staying at the Aminess Liburna Hotel, where the workshops and training will take place.


Join this magical 5 days retreat at the island of Korčula in Croatia (Aminess Liburna Hotel) 11th to 15th October 2023, to experience a deep inner transformation at a mental, physiological and energetic level. At this authentic and life changing retreat you will meet heart driven people like yourself, who will share insights, and support you on your journey.

Through the power of tai chi, qigong, meditation, deep coaching techniques and healing energy, you will:

- Get clarity and be creative around what kind of life you want to live, what your life purpose is - and how to follow it.

- Go deep into your limiting beliefs, fears, insecurities and barriers in order to release them. 

- Awaken your power within and get to realize that you are so much more than you know.

- Raise your vibes and confidence so that you can be more connected and aligned - and start to create the life of your dreams.

The retreat will take place at the beautiful island of Korčula, one of the greenest places in Croatia. The lush pine forests is one of the main features of this hilly Adriatic island, especially along its north-facing slopes, scattered with dry stone walls enfolding vineyards and olive groves. This mesmerizing island will inspire you to be creative, inspired and brave.

The teachers at the Korčula retreat:

Harald Øygard is one of Norway's most experienced instructors in tai chi, qigong and meditation. He teaches weekly at the Qigong center in Oslo and has several courses throughout Norway and abroad. Since 1995 he has been dedicating himself to studying qigong and tai chi, both in Norway and abroad with Grandmaster Dr Shen Hongxun. Harald has been teaching since the end of the 90s, and has now reached master level. His pedagogical education makes him a popular instructor. Harald has a passion for promoting the development of tai chi and qigong in the Nordics and in Europe, and is the leader of the Nordic Buqi Organization, which holds weekend courses with international instructors on a regular basis. His warm- hearted and joyful presence will make you feel good and alive. Take a deep breath, leave your head, open your heart, observe, act and let the energy of life grow and flow effortlessly through natural, fluid movements and a unrestricted mind as master Harald shows you the way.

Mayka Brevik is a spiritual businessmentor and soon to be published author, and has created a soulful business concept in Norway. Her life mission is to uplift and make people live their life's purpose. Mayka now lives from helping entrepreneurs succed with their businesses. Her clients works in coaching, therapy, spirituality, yoga, meditation, copywriting, marketing, arts and more. Her deep tai chi and qigong practice makes her trust herself and dare to create from her soul. Mayka has a background in public relations and the corporate world in Oslo. She has practiced buddhist meditation for years, and is now studying with Harald to become a qigong and tai chi teacher. To clearly see your souls intent and true path in life and work, let Maykas professional coaching and cheerleading energy take you forward and help your visions manifest while leaving old truths behind.

Sandra Tevanovic is a formally trained and certified acupuncturist and experienced practioner of traditional chinese medicine with over 11 years of clinical practice, yin yoga teacher and energy worker. As a prolific pedagogue and former public health care worker, Sandra combines her holistic therapeutical background and unique intuitive abilities to help others attain personal insight and awareness, get attuned and realigned in order to process and heal acquired imbalances that manifests on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Her calm and open-minded presence, guidance toolbox and personal interest will be your trustful companion on your inner journey.

A retreat day can look like this:

9.00-10.30: Tai chi session with Harald. Let go of emotions and negative sensations in your body - get into an alternate state of consciousness.

11.00-12.30: Workshop with Mayka. How to craft your life vision. Listen to your inner voice and your own authentic truth. Be really clear on what you want for your life.

12.30-13.30: Lunch break

14.00-15.30: Energy work with Sandra. What is holding you back from living your life vision? Get into your body and release.

16.00-17.30: Qigong session with Harald. To calm down and to experience that everything is possible.

19.00-  Joined dinner/be social for those who want to. You can also spend some time alone or book a private session with Harald, Sandra or Mayka (150 euro/60 minutes).

Questions? Contact Sandra Tevanovic


Refund policy:

According to our policy, all sales are final and and prepaid reservations are non-refundable. In case of illness, eventual expences and refunds needs to be covered by your personal insurance.

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